Tuesday, March 23, 2010

granny quilt

So I finished a quilt last week- actually last week-END, but I am just now posting the pics. This one was sort of scary for me. I had a custom request for a quilt for a grandma to give to her granddaughter. And the doosie for me was that she asked that it say "grandma's girl" on it somewhere. Otherwise she gave me full creative liberty to do whatever I wanted as long as it was pink and girly. I LOVE the result. Modern, girly quilts are fun.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Ok, so I've finished a quilt, made coasters, made a coffee cozy, and started 2 more projects.... but I cannot find my card-reader for my laptop. DUMB. I miss the days of slipping the SD card right in the side of my computer, but no- the old school dell that I'm working on now doesn't have one of those. Boo. A great big Boo. So until I find the missing reader, I have no pics to post, and it's just no fun to blog about craftiness with nothing to show for it. My apologies to the 10 of you that read this :] I will owe you one massive post sometime soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010


i HATE the look of this blog. i'm not super skilled, can't figure out this html nonsense, and i don't like it. i think the background makes my quilts look dumb. booooo.
speaking of quilts, binding up one today, a custom quilt for a friend- total cuteness. and now that it's sunny outside, maybe my pics will be better :] keep an eye out....

Thursday, March 4, 2010


if you're a quilter, or a crafter, or a creater at all- then you know that compulsive thing that happens in one's brain when ideas come flooding in. i personally jot these down in a notebook that i carry around in my 12 pound fossil tote bag. this notebook is chalked full of the cutest quilts imaginable. i will NEVER be able to create all these masterpieces, but there is a part of me that will ache until i can rip that page out. why am i bummed? i love white cotton- it's superb for backgrounds to colorful birds or sashing on snazzy wonky squares or even as an accent to the paper-pieced string quilt that i'm itching to make. i went to hobby lobby yesterday for the sole purpose of restocking my stash of $2.99/ yd white classic cotton. i like it, because it's cheap and it's not as weighty as white kona. did they have any- even a smidgen on the rack? no- what they did have was one clerk working fabric and a line of about 20 moody housewives waiting with endless bolts of fabric to be cut. so i couldn't even ask her if she had any in the back. and so,end of story,  i'm bummed.

Monday, March 1, 2010


after stopping by some of my favorite blogs and drooling over their snazzy layouts and backgrounds and such- i came to this conclusion: this blog is a lousy representation of who i am. the only reason i never did anything about it before was because of my laziness that likes to poke it's ugly head out of my life every chance it gets. in an effort to send it back into hiding,  i'm on a search for a new spot. i should clarify, i'm not going anywhere- i'm just looking to make this spot a little more bekalicious :] that just means that if you stop by while i'm playing with all these templates and html- you'll probably wonder what on earth is going on. my apologies, but it had to be done. so here's to a little blogspot makeover....