Saturday, January 16, 2010

spend all your time waiting...

i realize that i have yet to hold up my part of the bargain on two things: keeping my blog updated, and posting pics. i just noticed that alden's october cake and quilt never made it to the screen either. soooo..... maybe i'll edit this post to include them later on today. or... maybe i won't because i'll forget as my pregnant brain fails me a gazillion times more than my un-pregnant one when it comes to multi-tasking and real-lifin' it. this is utterly ridiculous. but i did manage to finish the baby quilt that's been sitting in the basket for 3 months, and last night i stayed up all night making two of the most adorable cakes for a friend's daughter. i ALMOST feel like myself again sometimes. and then i realize that my life is still upside-down and all shaken up, but that's the way i like it. no worries. so... here's to later on today. we'll see what happens :]

p.s. monday is the big reveal... should totally be able to find out what we need to buy this time around: tiny pink moccasins or mini blue flip-flops.....*sigh*

As Promised!!!! my latest accomplishments:

=last week

= last night


  1. As soon as we get the money I wanted to ask you about making quilts for Zia and Zoe AND about making Zoe's first birthday cake, but I figure I will ask you about the birthday cake when it get closer and see how you are feeling after 3 kiddos =)

  2. PRE-baby, i'm totally up for the task... not making any post-baby promises just yet, though :]i plan on returning to quilting and caking as soon as i can, especially since matthew and david will both be in school. but we'll see how "soon" that actually is :]

  3. Trevor told me about your cakemaking and I have to say, I stalked your fbook and they're totally beautiful. I'm super impressed. I'm on the quest to make the perfect chocolate layer cake; it will be on my blog in about 1-2 days. I made the first one last night for a dinner party tonight; will tell you how it turns out!