Monday, April 19, 2010

spider webs

i am neglecting soooo many things these days. just to name a few:

1) i haven't quilted in ages, but the full-size quilt that's two-thirds quilted (and was promised to a friend a couple weeks ago) is calling me every time i open the tiny closet in my front room where my sewing machine lives.
2) i need to make a butt-load of coffee cozys for a youth fundraiser, and right now i have a total of 1 finished.
3) i want to make a tiny doll quilt for a friend's little girl because she's fascinated with babies and i think all little aspiring mommies should have tons of tiny things that look just like the real thing.
4) i also want to make a quilt for my mom, that still doesn't own a bekalicious quilt. this is sad. and since we just found out her breast cancer has possibly returned, i feel incredibly guilty for not already providing her with that tiniest of comforts. somehow i think this should be #1, but i'm too lazy to change it. it's certainly taking priority in my heart, tho.
5) and finally, this blog... again :[ so sorry about that.

all the while, i'm obsessing over oils and starting a business. oh yeah, and i have a baby in my belly.
there just is not enough of me to go around.


  1. I feel that same way most of the time! :) Hope you get to some of your tasks!

  2. So I've started sewing. Maybe you read that on my blog. But now I want to make a quilt. Is it hard to learn? Did you take a class or just kind of wing it on your own?

  3. I wish you lived closer and we could be friends that have crafternoons because I totally added that book to an Amazon shopping cart last Friday but forgot to actually buy it! I saw the color wheel quilt on Purl Bee and just had to try to make something like it. Thanks for the suggestions! Hope you're doing well!