Friday, April 2, 2010

trash to treasure?

it's been brewing for a while now- this longing for there to be something on the wall behind the couch. a little color to break up the monotony that quickly happens when tan and cream and chocolate brown and khaki all coincide in a space the way they do in my living room. i've been throwing touches of green and orange and mosaics into the mix, but this space has been crying for an eclectic treasure... and so i made one :] several months ago my sister gave me two crazy huge cabinet doors that were in her garage. and to top it off, she had two cans of blue spray paint that looked like a great start. and so it begins...

the beginning... straight from that quirky bird-lovin' part of my brain

my "canvas"

the result.... after gobs of spray paint, printed paper, acrylic paint, and a glossy glaze...

i LOVE looking at this.

i didn't purchase anything, except for the mounting brackets we put on the back of them, it was all just lying around my house tucked away for such a time as this... awesomeness.


  1. How creative you are! You did a great job! :)

  2. I LOVE it. That is beautiful. Who would think of that? So cute.