Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a quilt for ruthie...

so i have mastered something. above all other talents, one exceeds them all.... procrastination. i can make excuses all day long about how i'm pregnant and tired and blah, blah, blah- but it just boils down to this simple truth- i love to put things off. this phenomenon eludes me, as i'm also a super planner and strive to get so many things done ahead of time. weird. anyhooo, all that to say this- ruthie's birthday quilt (her birthday was december 6th) is finally finished. i LOVE it. in fact, i'll be honest and admit that i thought about keeping it about 10 times during it's completion. so, here's the story- start to finish, for all of you who wonder how my brain works. just a few disclaimers- i'm a lazy quilter. i refuse to use patterns, eyeball almost everything, and tend to like random cuts more than precise ones- see? lazy.

i start with a pile. basically, this is the product of my rummaging thru my scrap bins for pieces that i think will work well together. ruthie's flavor- blues, greens, and browns. a quilt after my own heart :]

then i come up with a plan and cut away. i wanted strips with lots of different prints, against a clean white background. and this is what i came up with. it is, of course, not set in stone till i sew it all together- always changing as it comes together.

and finally a finished quilt! i stippled it, because i find that crinkle absolutely irresistible, and backed it with a martha stewart sheet in an amazing shade of aqua blue. i hope she finds it atleast as half delicious as i do. honestly, i don't know if this picture does it justice. i could look this quilt for hours. 

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  1. That is simply gorgeous!
    And I'm a master procrastinator too! :)