Saturday, February 13, 2010

a week in photos

sometimes i laugh when people say that i'm a homebody, or when they assume that all i do is sit on my keester watching soaps all day. not so, friends. i tend to fight over-enthusiastic cleaning and creating on a regular basis. but either way, this week has been insane, so i'll log it for you in pics.

A QUILT. this one might count as puffery- since it's technically an end-of-last-week-feat, but who cares. as promised, i finished this quilt. green with envy, that's what i'm calling it- kind of a squirrely and random product of my love affair with circles and polka dots. but i like it :]

NO WAL-MART CARDS, MOM. LET'S MAKE 'EM. i made these for david's class... he personalized each one, with his favorites from a list of text messsages i printed for him. the keypads are made from old-fashioned candy buttons. genious. i stole this idea from family circle or something like that- i just opted not to hand-write each one, because i knew the perfectionist would take over and i'd be a mess for it. no lie- the kids loved these, i witnessed every single one of them running around the classroom having fake conversations with eachother. priceless.

MARSHMALLOWS ANYONE? in an effort to find an original solution for the ever-looming problem of teacher gifts, i scoured my pantry for usable items, and this amazingness is what i came up with. i had all of this: candy sticks, treat bags, marshmallows, wilton candy metls, and sprinkles.
seriously, these are so fast, and so cute. coupled with a homemade card from david- his teacher was raving over it. and i'll admit, i had a few bites of one of these- yum.

CUPCAKE LOVE. and... i made these for david's valentine's party. i resolved the latter part of last year that i would not keep making cakes if it meant that my kids never got have them. so, here's another installment to that. david came home from school last week and explained that he told his teacher that i would be upset if i didn't get to make the cupcakes for the party- because that's what i love to do. obviously, i couldn't disappoint :] i know i've said it before, but cupcakes trump cake decorating any day. i could make these tiny decorations for hours.

CAKE LOVE. and finally, i delivered this yesterday morn, before i headed off to david's school for a par-tay. two friends of mine got married last night, in a super small ceremony of mostly just close family. but seriously, a wedding without cake?! so, she didn't really care what i did- gave me full creative liberty, just said that she liked eclectic, bohemian, white and chocolate brown- and that she'd like a stripe of blue on there for the groom. this is what i came up with. i personally, wanted to paint this all over my living room walls after i was finished. i love the design.

soooo..... i have not been logging baby progress and photos in this post, because justin thinks that blogs are dangerous places to post all your personal laundry. i say hardy har to that, but i'll respect it all the same. but just so ya know... with all this craziness passing us by super quickly, i'm happy to say that i am ready. if baby arrived tomorrow, i'd have clean clothes, cloth diapers, and a sweet bassinet for him to sleep in. enough said.


  1. It amazes me that people think if you stay at home you don't do anything. My children are grown but I still go many days without sitting down just trying to get it all done. You are more productive than me!

  2. I'm green with envy for that quilt! Love it. This post confirms my suspicions that you are in fact Wonder Woman.

  3. I LOVE that you describe those cupcakes as fast. LOVE THAT. Makes me want to PUNCH that perfect white seamless cake with my fist. These creations are delectable, Bek. No one thinks you watch soaps. Your taste is way too good for that. Maybe Survivor marathons, but not soaps.

    Ok - the cell phone Valentines? Seriously make me hug my monitor.

  4. i love these comments. i'm so proud to be a poster-child for stay at home moms that do something other than watch pointless tv. i definitely don't watch soaps- i'm beckoned more often by seasons of deadliest catch or survivor man, and occasionally i'll admit to liking the drama in survivor. a guilty pleasure, i guess. but truth be told, i'm on a mission to accomplish as much as i can before this third little person gets here and really rocks my world. i'm not ashamed to come to terms with the reality of the few non-productive months to follow.