Monday, February 1, 2010

spring fever

call me crazy, but one can only handle so much winter... dreary, cold, wet, ugly winter. and then you start to go a little nuts. i realize that in texas i don't experience an ounce of what my northern friends do- but thank God for that, cause i'm not cut out for long seasons of nastiness. i miss saltwater and the beach and my flowers and dirt and sunshine. so... this is what i've done as of late, to help bring a little "springiness" back into my life.

these are on my dining room table. $5 cannot be better spent at wal-mart... absolutely cannot. i smile every single time i walk around the corner :]
and i started these crazy creations, something about aqua and avocado green that really tickle my fancy. i can't wait to see how they both turn out, as i'm sort of clueless as to what the end result will be just yet. maybe i'll have some pictures to show you by the end of the week. i'm in full-fledged quilting mode these days, so it could happen.

and since spring always brings on the uncanny urge to spring clean and complete projects around the house.... i spent the day caulking baseboards, patching holes, and touching up paint in my boys' room. it is officially ready for a crib now :] and that means i'm brainstorming a crib quilt too. i LOVE that.


  1. Ah!!! Every time I see one of your new quilts I just say "Ah!". I want one. You do such an amazing job, so creative.

  2. thanks, adde!! i wish i could keep every single one of them, or atleast make like 10 of them for myself at home :]