Monday, October 12, 2009

whooooo are you? who who, who who

Today was rather uneventful, but still insane. The kids are stir crazy because of the off and on rain and the ginormous mosquitoes. I am desperately needing for them to be able to return to their normal outside activities- imagining, playing, pretending, running, sweating, getting tired :] And then, I can quilt without a billion questions and mini fights. But this is how it goes these days, soooo.... I find time to quilt anyway. This is what I started today. There's something about teal and red that really tickles my cravings for deep color, and there's something about owls that's just super fun to work on. I am not in love with the polka dot wings, but i'm hoping that quilting will make me love it. And it coordinates with the back I pieced, so my fingers are crossed that it turns out well.  I also started a birthday quilt for my nephew. The picture was dumb, so I'm not posting. All in all, two quilt fronts, two quilt backs- not bad considering the "obstacles" presented. It would be superb to be able to baste and maybe quilt one of these tomorrow, but I'll not strain myself hoping too hard :]


  1. Bek, I am not an owl fan, generally, but I have to tell you, I LOVE THIS!!! I agree with you about the teal and red, it is fabulous! Love that you share!

  2. Hey Bekah, it's Rachel G. from LCF in Lebanon....I saw that you had a blog on facebook, and I've been checking it out. I love your owl quilt; it's super awesome!